Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update and LOTS of pictures!

I cannot believe that 2 weeks have passed since I blogged. I guess I have been so busy, I forgot to blog:( Sorry for all of those who faithfully visit each day waiting for an update. I have been busy in the school gardens and our home garden. Thanks to Mr. Jackson I have also been able to sub several days. He is my babysitter when I sub :) This is one of the reasons I have been so busy. I worked 4 days last week. That is too much for me (and I am sure too much for him too). We have been busy with ballgames and school. My mom and sister came for Mother's Day. Ryan cooked us a big dinner. It was delicious! Mom surprised Landon and took off work to come to his Kindergarten Circus. Landon did a great job. He was a lion and even had a special part as Simba. I am so proud of him. Bryce has earned 50 points in AR (accelerated reader). This means that he has read over 70 something books. Way to go, Bryce!! He gets to throw a pie in his teacher's face as a reward for this. His class had a Mother's Day celebration. It was very cute. I took pictures of everyone and their mom and forgot myself. Parker Reid had kindergarten registration. He is so excited about starting school. I forgot to take pictures of Kindergarten round-up. I have been sewing some too. I made some dresses for some twins. Summer took a picture of the dresses so maybe she will post it for me. I finally finished a birthday dress for a little girl. I also decided to make Sydney Katya a Wildcat cheerleading outfit! I was going to buy one but they were $50. I decided this was RIDICULOUS so I made one. It turned out cute and I am going to have a paw print monogrammed on the front but otherwise it is finished. I made a little mistake on the skirt but I will make another one I am sure. Also, yesterday Ryan went and made bread with Bryce's class. It was so cool and I forgot my camera. He made challah bread and rolls. The kids were learning about their story of the week and vocabulary words which were knead, ingredients, recipe, dough!! Thanks again, Ryan! This will catch you up a little bit. I am sure things aren't going to slow down. I leave for Ukraine in about a month.