Friday, May 30, 2008

Landon was jumping off the diving board at the pool and we decided to video a little bit. He was so cute!! I will post another one after this one is finished.

Yummy Strawberries....

So I am trying to upload these videos from earlier in the week. Hope you enjoy them.

Trying to get this video to upload has been so difficult. Not sure why it takes so long:(

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New haircut and a cool WEBSITE!!

Bryce asked Ryan several times to cut his hair in a mohawk (now that school is out). He didn't want it while school was in because he was afraid someone would make fun of him (I guess). Tonight Ryan cut it. He is so cute even though I am sure many of you won't like the cut. He was so proud!! It is only hair so it will grow back. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!

On another note, my mom found the coolest website, For those of you with children in school your kids probably take AR tests. This site is tests (similar to AR tests) about certain books that the kids read. I am going to use it over the summer to keep Bryce reading!! You should check it out; it is FREE!!!

Misc. Pictures

Making the JAM!!! Thanks, Ryan for capping the berries.

Multi-tasking on the phone and making jam.

Her new favorite game!!

Fun in the POOL!

More from the strawberry farm

Monday, May 26, 2008

Strawberry Fields

As I said in the previous blog, today was strawberry picking. It was the first time the kids had a chance to pick strawberries (except maybe Bryce). We all really enjoyed it. It was nice weather not too hot because we were there early (daddy was rolling sweat though). Guess the strawberries on his row were harder to find than ours:) Mom made lots of jam (not sure how much). It will probably last us a few weeks. We LOVE it!! I am going to have to post more tomorrow though because I am exhausted.

more to come later....


Look cute with my bikini BELLY!!

Summertime is here!!! Bryce is out of school. Landon and Parker Reid are ALMOST done with baseball! Swimming pool here we come. Our neighbor down the street said we can come swim, anytime!! Yeah!!! Now if we can just find the time to go down and swim. We seem to always be very busy. This morning we went to pick strawberries. It was so much fun. Thanks mom and dad for taking the kids. They really enjoyed it and so did I!!! This afternoon we went to our neighbor's for a cookout and swimming time. Some of the pictures are from yesterday's swim.

Cute little frog!!

No BROTHER!!!!!!!!!

Go Landon!!