Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas with the Jacksons

The next slide show is our Christmas with the Jacksons and Katie and Luke. We enjoyed a few hours with Katie, Luke and the Jacksons on Saturday afternoon. We opened gifts, ate dinner and just enjoyed catching up on everything. The boys and Sydney Katya received lots of gifts and were thrilled with all them. Ryan and I really enjoyed our gifts too. The Jacksons do so much for us and we appreciate it so much!! On Sunday, we went to church and then later that evening went to Athens, GA to have dinner with the Jacksons and Katie and Luke. Thanks mom for watching the kids.

We have been relaxing since then are are waiting until Aunt Summer and Uncle Josh arrive to celebrate Santa and Christmas. Tomorrow morning will be our special day. We can't wait to see the kids faces. It will be a fun year. I hope that everyone has enjoyed being with their families over the holidays. We love you!! The Jacksons

Stone Mountain

I am a few posts behind, sorry. The slide shows below show pictures of some of our Christmas activities. The first one features pictures of our trip to Stone Mountain. Mom and I took the kids to Stone Mountain on Friday to see the Christmas lights. The lights were beautiful and we were able to ride the train. We saw some shows which were wonderful and really put us in the Christmas spirit. The night concluded with the laser show which was so cute. The boys enjoyed their popcorn and hot chocolate. We were all glad to get in the warm van because it was so cold that night.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The slide show of Sydney Katya that is shown below; she is wearing my gown and hat. My mom has kept it for all these years and now it is hers!! Isn't she a doll??

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas has always been a special time for our family! My mom has ALWAYS really outdone herself at Christmas. From the time I was a very young child; I can remember baking Christmas goodies with my mom. I wanted to carry on this tradition with my children so every year we try to bake and take trays to our friends! It is so much fun. It is one of my highlights at Christmastime! This year was the same as all the rest and my mom, Summer and I got together last weekend and did our Christmas cooking. The boys helped me the day before by making dipped pretzels and chex mix (we call it trash). I had a lot of fun. We went last night to deliver some of our trays to our neighborhood friends. It has been so much fun and the boys really enjoyed it. Thanks MOM for starting this tradition with us!!

We have also been blessed to attend 2 Christmas parties. One was at our church and the other at my mom's church. We were able to see Santa at both of them (and he was the same Santa). How cool is that!! We had a petting zoo at our church party so the boys really enjoyed that.

I have finished my Christmas cards, mailed them, wrapped my gifts and now we are just waiting for Santa. He will come visit us the day after Christmas this year because my sister is spending Christmas with Josh's family. We wanted to save all the fun for her and Josh to be a part!! I pray that you all will enjoy being with friends and family. If you are not able to be with friends and family, remember all the fun memories and traditions that you have shared. Take care and may God BLESS YOU as he is continuing to BLESS ME!!

with love,

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Friday, December 14, 2007

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Parker Reid's trip to the ER

Last night, we had the boys in the bed and they were supposed to be going to sleep. I was sitting at my computer getting ready to study a little for my last final which is Wednesday. Parker Reid came in crying saying I hit my head (he had just been up going to the bathroom). I said "go to bed, Parker Reid". Ryan was also working on his school things looked up at him and there was blood pouring down his head!! He told me that he had gashed his head. We took him in the bathroom and it was a pretty deep slash. Ryan said he could put a stitch in (someone had given us a stitch kit), but I decided that it was in an obvious place so I would rather not chance a huge scar. We went to the ER. Parker Reid was very brave and had 3 stitches put in his forehead. He was VERY brave and didn't even cry!! I was so happy that it wasn't worse. He is accident prone and when he called Uncle Luke from the hospital Uncle Luke said, "You need to wear a helmet ALL the time". This is true!! Parker Reid started early with his falls and other adventures. I thought I would make a list of the top few.

1. At 2 months Parker Reid falls down the stairs with daddy and has to ride Trauma 1 (a helicoptor) to Shands in Jacksonville, Fl.
2. Parker Reid pushes a chair up to the stove, climbs up on the stove to get the phone off the counter. (he was about 18 months)
3. Parker Reid sits in an ant bed in the front yard and is covered in ants (he did this twice in a few days).
4. I come in to find Parker Reid with pieces of a busted light bulb surrounding him and some pieces in his mouth! He was about 18 months on this one too. (no cuts though, I was shocked)
5. Parker Reid was climbing up some stair at a family reunion and fell and popped his forehead open (blood was everywhere). No stitches on this one though.
6. Last night's fall was just another to add to the book!!

Parker Reid has a wonderful guardian angel who watches over him and I thank God that he has not been seriously injured. Thank God everyday for your children sometimes I think these things happen so that I will slow down and appreciate what I have been given.

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


A wrapped gift arrived at our door the other day. It was addressed to Bryce, Landon, Parker Reid and Sydney Katya!! The kids heard the doorbell, ran to open the door and there sat the present. They ripped into it and it was a box that said "The Elf on the Shelf", a family tradition!! There was a book inside and an little elf beside the book. After reading the book we had to choose a name for our elf which after a lot of FIGHTING is Jackson (I think the fighting was supposed to be). The elf watches the kids from a spot in the house each day and each night flies to Santa and returns to a different spot the next day. It is the coolest thing. The boys enjoyed finding Jackson (our elf) this morning. He was at the top of the kitchen cabinet (looking down over good or bad little boys and girl). Anyway, it would be worth it to invest in this. We will make it a tradition every year. I LOVE IT!! It is too cute. On Christmas eve he flies to stay with Santa for the rest of the year until next year. I will post pictures sometime. I am trying to finish with school for the semester. We love all of you and hope to hear from you soon!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

I visited a friend's site and found this interesting site. I am trying to do one for all the kids but it is taking a while because my computer is so slow. It also has a famous person look a like part. It is so much fun. I am finishing up school this week!! YEAH!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom! I love you! Thanks for all you do for our family.

Monday, November 26, 2007

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Thanksgiving in Destin, Florida

Our Thanksgiving trip is over and we had such a great time (thank you mom and dad, auntie and uncle chris and ma and papa)!! It was so nice to be together with all our cousins and for the kids to be with all their cousins. We stayed in a beautiful place (thanks to Auntie for locating them). Ryan and I enjoyed a condo with Aunt Sarah and everyone else stayed in the BIG house two doors down. We enjoyed food, fun, and family for the few days we were together. We celebrated my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Samuel!! Summer, Ryan and I enjoyed shopping on Saturday. I will post lots of pictures but for more details about the trip visit the blogs of my mom or sister. I have lots to do with school so I need to go work on that. Enjoy the pictures!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

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We are in Florida! My mom, the kids and I left for Florida on Saturday. We are visiting with my grandparents. The boys have had such a wonderful time playing with their dogs. They love them!! They throw the ball and the dogs run and get it. They do this OVER and OVER. We also went to the park which is down on the bayou. The water is gorgeous. I love the seagulls and the waves coming in to the shore. Yesterday we were able to meet some of my friends who adopted a little boy, Adam. They spent lots of time in Ukraine and finally came home with a cute little boy. Adam enjoyed playing with the boys down at the playground. Amy, Mike and I enjoyed visiting and talking about parenthood. Last night we spent lots of time reading old letters that my mom, my aunt and others sent to my grandma. It was fascinating to learn about what things costs and things that happened in their lives during these times. We are looking forward to the family getting together for Thanksgiving. I will have lots of pictures soon.

Friday, November 16, 2007

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Ukrainian gift!

This is a picture that I took this morning. I receieved a package yesterday from Ukraine. I wasn't home so I went to the Post Office this morning to pick it up. It was from Maria. Maria and I have been writing each other for a few years (since I went to Ukraine during the summer of 2005). Her son and I worked together at the camp in Ukriane. He was one of my translators. She can speak very little English so he translates all my letters to her and then writes hers in English for me. I am sure it is a lot of work but I appreciate it so much. Maria is so good about sending birthday cards for my children's birthdays. Over a year ago she made matching Ukrianian shirts for the boys. When I went during the summer of 2006, I was finally able to meet her and she presented me with a beautiful shirt. She sewed all these by hand, no machine. This morning the present was a shirt for Sydney Katya (although she just calls her Katya). It matches mine and is adorable. I will post more pictures later but I wanted to share this one.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Parker Reid was looking in his new, clean drawer yesterday. He pulled out some new clothes and put them on. He ran in very excited and said, "Mommy look at my bogging suit!" (It was a jogging suit) I thought this was pretty funny so I thought I would share. It is interesting what words our kids hear when we say something.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cleaning out drawers of kids clothes

This morning has been spent going through ALL the clothes that my children have in their drawers. TONS and TONS!! We are really blessed to have so many people that give us clothes. Mom and I have been trying to move the warm weather clothes out while moving the cool weather clothes in. It is quite a task because things that Parker Reid outgrows we have to get rid of. Things that Sydney Katya outgrows we put in a box and the older boys things go up for Parker Reid next year. Yes, it is very confusing. We are also overtaken with SHOES. They just multiply sometimes I think. Well, it is done, thanks so mom's help!!! She is a great organizer. I am studying for tests this weekend and working on a group project. I will be so happy when school is finished. It won't be too long (only about a month). That is all for now, hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


27 years ago I received a gift, it was my baby sister!! She is so beautiful, kind and caring. Over the years we have had fun playing dress up, dolls and having shows, where we were the STARS!! Today is her day and I wanted to honor her on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Summer!! You are a wonderful aunt, friend and SISTER!! Love you.

These are some pictures of when my baby sister came home from the hospital lots of years ago. Enjoy!

You can click on these pictures and they will enlarge.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Details about the pictures shown below!

Hello Everyone! The last three slide shows are just random pictures. The 1st is from Halloween at Summer and Josh's house. Sorry some of the pictures turned out a little dark and I didn't have time to edit them. The next set is from Stone Mountain. Yesterday afternoon Ryan and I took the kids to the Indian Festival. It was so neat. They had drum and dance contests and the costumes were fascinating. The boys loved all the artifacts and even were able to shoot a bow and arrow!!! Bryce learned a little of the dip and dive an Indian dance that the Indian did to avoid the gun shots. There was a lot of history that was told by the narrator. The last set of pictures was from this morning. Sydney Katya and her daddy have a really special bond. He is good at making her laugh. The pictures should show her locket too. It was given to her by her Jackson grandparents for her very 1st birthday. Hope to here from you!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007


I turned on my computer this morning and there was an error message. It said:WARNING your computer hard drive has failed, call DELL. Yes, I was devastated. My computer has all my pictures, email addresses, school things and other stuff I probably haven't even thought of yet. I spent most of the morning on the phone but hopefully after I receive my new hard drive my computer will work again. Please pray for me because all of this stresses me out. I have so many things going on in my classes and just really don't have time for things to go wrong. Well, I will post pictures from Halloween sometime. Not sure when, probably after my computer is working again.

I am sorry about the picture overload but hope you enjoy! We had a great time at my sister's for Halloween. I will post pictures or you can view her blog because I am sure she already has pictures posted.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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