Thursday, July 30, 2009

Misc. Post about sewing and such...

I have been sewing a lot lately. I have made several dresses for Sydney Katya and several for my friend, Tanya's granddaughters. I will try to post all the pictures of the dresses later but these are two of them. The gray one matches a dress that I made for myself. The other she calls her ladybug dress. It has a black velvet bodice and then also a black velvet jacket!!
I also wanted to share the pictures of the kids in their Ukrainian national shirts, that were made by my friend, Maria (Vitaliy's mom). She made them red and black ones about a year ago but they have almost outgrown them so she made these new blue and yellow ones. They are so beautiful!! I am blessed to have such good friends here and other places.
Also, Ryan wanted Sydney Katya to practice riding a bike so he took one of the boy's old bikes and sprayed it. It is cute! She loves it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bring a friend day!

Yesterday was "bring a friend" day at Wild Adventures. We could bring one friend with every season pass that we have. Well ,we had 4 passes so we decided to bring Mike and his kids!! It was a very warm day and thank goodness most of the rides weren't open when we arrived at the park so we could go straight to the water park!! The kids enjoyed their day. Mike and I enjoyed sharing some stories too! I forgot sunscreen so we all got a little burned but it tanned today so that is good. I am thankful for good friends. We were talking about how surreal it was that we have been friends for so long and now we have kids. Time FLIES!!! Anyway, I was thankful again for the Wild Adventures passes. Thanks, Mom! We had a great day.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ukraine pictures!

Vitaliy, Igor, me and Big D, they were kind enough to wake up early and take me to the airport!!

Lyuda, my interpreter and Iryna and I

My friend Tanya and I at the bowling alley in Kiev!

My friend Igor and I! We switched roles this day. I am Ukrainian and he is a Gator fan!

Some of the kids in our class, our teachers and interpreters!

The last day of classes!

Terry, me and Vitaliy (I think he wanted me to get off his phone:))

My friend Sveta and I!

Sasha presented this to me. It is a cloth (can't remember the name). It had been in his family for 60 years.

This is another one of the soccer game. It is on a concrete area beside the hospital.

My interpreter and friend, Vitaliy and I are playing soccer!!

Some of my soccer friends at our night class.

This was a home visit!

This is Igor's mom and dad. Such wonderful and kind people!

Lena, one of our interpreters and I on a water break!

the kids in my class LOVED singing too!!

Some of the kids we played soccer with each night. The soccer ball popped this night. Mom, that is Vlad in the black and red on the outside edge.

We were ready to go see Don Quixote, a ballet!

This is where I ate breakfast every morning with Leeza and Galina and Vitaliy too!

One of my favorite things to do : SING!!

Our group when we had finished playing basketball.

This is Galya in a dress I made and my dress I made too!

Galina (my host mom) and I

This was what I had to wear into a church in Yalta!

Our group went to church in Artomosk, a town near Dzerzhinsk