Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thought for today

Today is a very chilly day. The weather here in the South is very frustrating cause yesterday it was pretty warm, then COLD again today. Oh well, I guess that just means more inside time for the kids. The wind has really been gusting here today. It makes things colder than what the temperature really says. Right now, I am enjoying NAPTIME (not sure if this is one word). I love the time of day after lunch when I can lay the kids down for their naps and relax. I just sit down, read over my homework, notes, write a letter, get dinner started or occasionally take a nap myself. It is good for the kids to get rested and I enjoy the rest of the day better when naptime has gone good (and long).

Today I was just sitting here thinking of all the things I have to be thankful for. There are so many blessings in my life and I am sure all of yours as well. Make sure that you take time each day to keep those in perspective!! It will lift your spirits so much. Life has a way of weighing me down. I feel that if I take time to notice all the blessings God has given me... I am not so likely to dwell on the negatives. Well, this is a little deeper than I usually blog but just wanted to share this thought with all of you.

Take time for the little things and God will use you to do BIG things.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Friday morning Ryan, Landon and Parker Reid left with my dad and brother for Valdosta. I got Bryce to the bus and then headed out for shopping. I took Sydney Katya with me because we were waiting for Gran and Bryce to get out of school so we could leave too. I had good luck with shopping. The dresses that I had been wanting had been marked down 70%. They are so cute but they will be for next season because they are mostly 2T's. We didn't need anymore for right now. I had lunch at Longhorn because Samuel had given me a gift card for my birthday. It was a nice relaxing day (for me). My mom doesn't consider shopping relaxing:) We left that afternoon headed out for Valdosta and arrived at my in-laws. We went a basketball game which the boys really enjoyed. We finally got to bed late and then IT HIT!! CROUP!!!!!! Yes, the wheezing and barking like a seal. Sydney Katya, Ryan and I spent 2 hours of the early morning in the ER. I had breakfast with some of my friends at Cracker Barrel that morning. By that afternoon, I had to take a nap because exhaustion was setting in. My parents and I went to a wedding that afternoon. Luke was in the wedding and we wanted to see everyone!! It was a beautiful wedding and the FOOD WAS GREAT!! Once we finally arrived to the front. I enjoyed visiting with Melissa in the LONG line too bad we couldn't figure out how to get around the line. We waited 30 minutes to get to the food. It was worth the wait, I guess. I went home to eat Mexican that Ryan had cooked. I was so full!! We enjoyed visiting with the Jacksons. They are always so helpful with the kids.

Sunday, I enjoyed visiting with different people who had been to Ukraine on some of my past trips. Lyuba and Ira were able to meet Sydney Katya for the first time and Bryce fell in LOVE with Ira!! I will post some pictures from our Sunday activities sometime later. Well, that's about it!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Monday, January 21, 2008

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

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Busy weekend

We have enjoyed an eventful weekend this weekend. Saturday the weather was very messy. We had lots of snow, sleet and rain. The rain made the snow melt too quickly that we weren't able to really enjoy playing outside. It was beautiful to watch the snow falling though!! Summer, Mom and I went to a movie (27 dresses) on Saturday. It was a cute movie. We enjoyed a relaxing lunch before the movie and enjoyed spending time together. After the movie, Ryan made a wonderful dinner. It was homeade ravioli (sp???). It was delicious!! Summer and Josh enjoyed this meal with us. Later in the evening, my cousins arrived from Florida. The kids have had so much FUN playing together. They are all stair steps and are really close in age. They played outside this morning despite the FREEZING cold wind. It was sooooooooooooo cold. This evening we had a cake in celebration of Brandon and McKinley's birthdays which are later this week. Happy Birthday!! I am posting pictures in different slideshows.

On a separate note, CONGRATS to Summer who made a VERY GOOD grade on her first test!! Way to go Summer. We are so proud of you. You are a wonderful sister and aunt.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Yes, you did read the title right. We had snow yesterday. It is one of the first time my children have seen lots of snow falling. We have seen it once it is already on the ground but this was a lot for Georgia. It was so neat. It started really slow yesterday afternoon where you could barely see the flakes. It increased to huge flakes and blowing in at different angles! The boys went out in bare feet and no jackets until Ryan made them come in and dress more warmly. It was so neat. It covered the roofs and most of the ground. We probably had 1/2 inch of snow. Landon made a snowman but we couldn't get the carrot in without it breaking. Sydney Katya was amazed at the white stuff falling from the sky. She just kept looking up at the sky. Bryce stayed out until wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy after dark. Parker Reid went to our neighbor's and got her sleigh. It was really needed but he had a good time. I took a few pictures but it was hard because the snow was really wet and I didn't want to get the camera too wet so I don't have too many. It was a little dark so some you can't see as well as others. It started raining in the night and so the snow is gone this morning. Hope you enjoy our celebration of the snow!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just a note

Just a quick note, I wanted to let everyone know that your comments are sent to me first and then I publish them to my blog. I was getting some random comments from total strangers so I wanted to make sure that I could read them first. I am sorry that it is so confusing. My mom said the other day, none of my comments show up on your blog. I told her the reason and now I am sharing with all of you too!!

We are having a good week and are hope to get a little snow this evening but I doubt it. I think it will only be sleet.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS RYAN who made a 100 on his accounting quiz. I am so proud of him for doing so well on this quiz. YEAH!!!!!

Well, Sydney Katya just pulled out all her clothes out of the chest of drawers and got into Bryce's scrapbook and was pulling off the pictures. I better get off for now.

I hope everyone has a good day. Summer and Josh are coming this weekend and so I think we are going to have a girl's movie day. I will post pictures of the weekend.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Basketball on Saturday

Saturday morning it was time for basketball pictures. We didn't want to pay the $30 a piece for basic picture package for the boys so we took our own. I can't believe all the costs that go into kids sports. It is so expensive, if you decide to do all the extras (which we usually don't). They are having a good time with basketball. Landon is learning so much and playing really hard. He is having a good time (especially getting the snacks). Bryce is a very intense player (I am not sure who he gets that from). He loves to direct the players as he is bringing the ball down the court. They are both amusing to watch.

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Check out my Slide Show!

Couple's night

Friday night, Ryan and I had dinner with some friends. Wade and Marci had us over to dinner at their house. Ryan has known Wade since birth and they were friends growing up. We have reconnected and he has married a wonderful person, Marci. We really enjoyed our dinner of Marci's lasagna, bread, salad and fruit. All of it was delicious, so THANKS MARCI and WADE. After dinner we walked to a neat ice cream shop where I enjoyed peppermint ice cream. It was nice for Ryan and I to do something as a couple. Thanks mom for watching the kids. I am posting pictures that we took with their new camera.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Basketball Game

I have posted pictures of the boy's first basketball game. They did very well. They don't keep score. I am not sure about that. I think that they should keep score. Bryce scored one time! Landon did very well and played very hard the whole game. He made sure we were looking at all times. Still must say that I am partial to soccer. It moves a lot quicker. The pictures are a little dark because of the gym lighting. Hope the next of the game will be a little better. Enjoy!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

God's Blessings

** update: My degree will be Bachelor Business Administration from Valdosta State University with empasis in Management.

God is GOOD!! As some of you know, I was having difficulty getting into my last class that I need to take at Georgia State. Because I am a transient student and this is a course that ALL seniors have to take, I was put on a waiting list. The lady called this morning and said that I AM IN THE CLASS!! Yeah, I feel like God is opening the doors for me to finish my degree. I have worked very hard and thanks to the support of my husband, my parents, in-laws and many others. I am ALMOST there. I should graduate in May if everything goes well with this class. My LORD is so good and I wanted to share this blessing with all of you. Even though some things are small, I am trying to LOOK for all the blessings in my life. I have so many!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Check out my Slide Show!

We had a fun Christmas morning. Bryce,Landon, Parker Reid and Sydney Katya were very excited. They enjoyed opening all their presents. The rest of us enjoyed watching them. I am sorry that all the pictures don't have titles explaining them but I am having trouble with the that I normally use to show off my pictures.

This slide show is pictures of Gran reading the Christmas story to the boys. The other pictures are the kids and their Uncle Samuel on Christmas Eve.

Christmas (to be continued when I can get these slide shows to work)

I am having trouble at this time with my slide shows. Not sure if the websites are working correctly, so I will only post a few pictures of Christmas at this time because it will be so time consuming.

Our Christmas Eve was really Christmas Day because we were waiting for Summer and Josh to arrive. Landon wanted to make sure Santa had milk and cookies.

After this we wanted to make sure our stockings were up on the mantle.

Then it was time for some pictures:)