Monday, November 22, 2010

More pictures that go with the previous post

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November update

Since the last blog we have celebrated lots of birthdays! We have had parties for Katya, Ryan and Summer. We still have many more to come in November and December. These are really busy months. The kids are going to be out of school all next week because of Thanksgiving Break. We are just relaxing at the house...which will be so nice. The kids have been doing very well in school. They all made honor roll on their first report card. Parker Reid is a whiz kid in math. He is so amazing...his teacher says she has never seen a child that can do math like him. Landon is doing excellent in his class also. He was the only one a few weeks ago to make a 100 on his story test :) Bryce won a brand new bike for being the highest AR reader in the 4th grade. I am so proud of them. Katya is trying to hold out for kindergarten but she LOVES going to the school. She enjoys being there with me...but she also enjoys her days with her grandparents when I am working. I am trying to keep everyone's schedules together and keep my sanity. Now that we are finished with should be much easier. We only have Bryce's tennis now...whoo!!HOOO!! I love coaching soccer but always enjoy the break. Oh and we have been able to sell some of our eggs. We have sold 7 dozen so far :) I am so thrilled!!! We are moving into the part of the year that is my least favorite time. Hopefully...we will all survive. We are excited in a few weeks that we will be celebrating my sister's graduation from nursing school...Way to GO, SUMMER!! Well...that is about all I have to say about our life...if you need more details you can call or email.