Sunday, October 3, 2010

The pictures to go with the post

Landon's birthday waffle!

Landon wanted a cake with "ganache"

Landon's 1st B B gun!

Landon and I at his birthday party
Bryce's class with the weatherman.
Bryce playing soccer

Wake me up...when September ends... case I have any readers who were wondering...where are the Jacksons?? We are everywhere! Mondays we have tennis. Tuesdays and Thursday we have soccer practice. Wednesday is church. Friday is usually a catch up day. Saturdays are soccer games and Sundays we have church and Boy Scouts. Needless to say, we stay very busy. In between all the organized activities we have to decide what's for dinner, make dinner, do homework, work in the gardens, and take care of the chickens. Occasionally, I sub at the school. Last week I worked three days...which is too much for me but I survived. A few weeks ago I organized an event for the 4th graders (150 kids) at our school. I wrote to the weatherman at WALB and asked if he would speak on weather because it is what they are studying in Science. He agreed!! I was so excited and so he came to speak to them. Right before his arrival a kid at the school pulled the fire alarm so we were late starting but all turned out okay. It was a neat experience for them and I enjoyed it too. Katya went to a kindergarten classroom during this activity which she throughly enjoyed. The kids are all doing well in school and are growing so fast. They enjoy reading and really love the Percy Jackson books. Parker Reid is so good in math. He can already do some more advanced math problem and I love watching him work!! Well...I guess that is enough for now. I hope to post pictures sometime but we will see if I can find any.