Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swimming with Katya


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hi, here is an update for those of you who want/need one. We are all staying busy and doing well. My parents came for Mother's Day, a chorus performance, a soccer game and Parker Reid's kindergarten circus!! We enjoyed an exciting few days together. Parker Reid did a great job as a clown in the circus. He is so funny in real life; he didn't even have to practice;) Bryce had to step in last minute to do a dance in the chorus performance. He did a GREAT job too!! My mom also pulled Parker Reid's tooth. It was his first one so he was very excited. The kids made me lots of cute things for Mother's Day. We have been working in our gardens at home and at school! We even found a snake last week which we had to kill so it wouldn't kill our chickens. The chickens are getting bigger and we are enjoying watching them grow. Ryan is trying to finish our fence because we are having trouble with stray dogs barking at the chickens. School will be out a week from Friday and then I leave June 9th for Russia/Ukraine. I am sure life will continue moving very quickly...we are just all holding on and enjoying the ride ;) Pictures will follow whenever I have time to upload.