Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Happy Birthday, Bryce!

Seven years ago today I became a mommy for the first time. It was such a special time. We had so many people at the hospital to support us, many of you that read this blog were THOSE PEOPLE. Everything with his delivery went smoothly:) He was born and I couldn't believe that he was actually here. It was so neat to show him to everyone. I even wanted to go to church and show him to everyone there (which mom thinks was still not a good idea). Bryce has taught us so many things about being parents. He is such a good natured and happy child most of the time. He is a perfect mix of Ryan and I. We always say he looks like Ryan and acts just like me (not sure whether this is good or bad). Bryce is a wonderful big brother and a good friend. He has a HUGE smile and lights up the room when he enters. He is so determined in everything he tries to do and we are so proud of him. I LOVE YOU, BRYCE. Thanks God for trusting me with such a wonderful little boy, Bryce!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I will be posting some pictures of when he was a baby and then some recent pictures. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mom's could be doctors...

As many of you know, Bryce has been sick for about a week now. He has had a bad cough and just not much energy compared to his normal energy level. Over the weekend he went to Summer's and had a fever most the weekend but not a very high one. The night's are the worst thing because of the horrible COUGHING. It is the worst sounding cough you have ever heard. It is a cough-until you gag- cough!! This is gross and very annoying especially now that Sydney Katya is actually sleeping all night. My mom and sister have been bugging me to take him to the doctor. You really need to take him to the doctor, they both told me. I knew that if I took the doctor would say he is fine but I got him an appointment this morning. I go pick him up from school because he doesn't like to miss school and took him to the doctor. It was a long visit but not as long as some of our visits have been. The doctor comes in, asks what's wrong, and checks him out. She asks if I have given him any cough medicine. I said yes, she asked if it was working I said NO. She said we will do a strep test which was negative. We left the office and nothing is wrong with Bryce (just like I knew she would say). Not that I am not thankful that he is okay, I AM!! I just don't like to waste time at the doctor's office when nothing is diagnosed. I guess we will continue the cough medicine that is not helping and hope the cough goes away soon. Oh one more funny thing, while we were in the office I was going over Bryce's vocabulary words. The word was "dilemma" and I asked him the definition. He said word for word the definition so I asked him to give me an example. He said it is when you have to choose whether to go to the doctor or to school and I would rather be in school!!! He is such a funny child.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thanks so Summer, Josh, Caroline and Luke for helping out with the kids this weekend. Summer called me lots of weeks ago and asked if the kids could spend the night and go to the circus. Of course, I said YES, YES, YES. That would be great. I didn't know at the time that I would be studying for my first test (instead of sleeping till noon). Sydney Katya was supposed to go because she no longer needs me but she woke with a fever on Saturday morning. Her little cheeks were really red and she laid around all day on Saturday. She was feeling awful. I didn't send her to Summer's house thankfully, too because Bryce kept Summer up all night coughing. He got sick over there too right before they went out to eat but miraculously was better when the choice was Mexican or PB&J (he loves Mexican food). He had a hard time deciding to go to Summer's because he didn't want to get Aunt Summer sick. He changed his mind at the last minute and decided to go. I sent Bryce to school this morning but he was coughing like he was coughing up a hairball. I will probably try to take him to the doctor if they can get us in. I may wait till tomorrow because today I have my first test today and our average doctor's visit is AT LEAST 2 hours. It is ridiculous. We have a busy week this week. Soccer practice (Bryce) is Monday and Friday and baseball (Landon) Monday, Friday and Saturday. I haven't heard from Parker Reid's coach but he will probably have practice this week too!! Yeah!! I am not sure how we will get to all these activities but we usually seem to manage okay. Bryce's birthday is coming up too. I can't believe he will be 7 years old. WOW!! More to come on Wednesday. Love to all!! Have a good week. Summer will post pictures and more stories from the weekend so you can check out her site.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ok, Summer here is your post (see the comment Summer left for me). Bryce has been on winter break this week which has been nice especially because of the fact that I was sick all last weekend and the early part of this week too. I don't know how I would have ever been able to get him ready for school. Ryan has been sick too. He usually gets whatever any of us have just 10 times as bad (or maybe that is what he wants us to think). Parker Reid was the one who started us all out on the sickness and it just travels around. Mom has been enjoying the beach all week and we are ready for her to return. It has been hard to keep things in order like she does:) The kids have enjoyed playing outside a little this week although today and tomorrow we are excpecting rain. Bryce had his first soccer practice Tuesday and I thought I was going to FREEZE by the end. Landon had tryouts for baseball Saturday. He did very well and we are excited about the upcoming season. Parker Reid will be playing t-ball too. I will be sure to post pictures. The rest of this post is about weaning Sydney Katya. IF YOU ARE EASILY GROSSED PLEASE DON'T READ ANY FURTHER.

I have been needing to wean Sydney Katya from nursing for A WHILE!! I expected her to follow suit with the boys and WEAN HERSELF at 12 months. Not hardly, she did not think this was a good idea; she would rather wake me every night for a little nurse and go back to sleep. It has been getting really OLD and EXHAUSTING getting up every night with her at least once or twice. Not good, I know that some of you had kids that slept through the night from birth. Good for you, I wish mine did too but THEY DIDN'T!!!! The first night we just laid her down in her bed. She screamed, yelled, pitched a fit for about 3 or 4 hours of and on. The next night it was a little better and last night it was ALL NIGHT. I am so HAPPY!!! I love my sleep and a FULL night's sleep is PRICELESS. I am sure she will still have occasional bad nights but she is no longer nursing at all!! YEAH!! I know also that some of you are thinking is she excited about no longer nursing. The answer is YES. I am one of the largest promoters of breast feeding that there is but I have been nursing for lots of years, 4/1/2 to be exact and I am ready to be done. Now if I can get over the HUGE SWELLING AND ENGOREMENT that I am going through right now that will be good. I can't even hook my bra and I think I am getting stretch marks on my boobs (GROSS) although I am sure everything will be sure and shrink back to non-existant size soon. I am putting cabbage leaves on my boobs for the swelling and hope to be able to finish up this part so I can finally THROW AWAY my nursing bras. Ok, if you have read this you are really bored but this is about my life and I am not one of the most interesting people ever. That is all for now...

Friday, February 15, 2008

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Valentine's Day!

Hello everyone! I have the BEST HUSBAND in the whole world!! Yesterday on Valentine's Day he made a wonderful dinner for my mom and I. My dad was out of town so he wanted to make it special for both of us. We enjoyed a totally outstanding appetizer of gruyere (which is a swiss cheese) tart with a balsamic reduction covered with mushrooms! They are so yummy. I ate 4 of them. Our next course was steak and creamed parsnips and crescent rolls. Everything was so good. He even fed the kids ahead of time so that it would be quiet and peaceful during our meal. Well, I just thought I would brag a bit about my husband who is a terrific cook and overall romantic person (he came up with all this and cooked it ALL by himself). Thanks Ryan!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Party for basketball

Last night was Landon and Bryce's basketball party. Thank goodness it is over because I think team parties are a little overrated. I guess it is because I opened my big mouth and volunteered for the team mom position. I am in charge of getting money from people for the coach's gift. NOT FUN!!! This is one of my not favorite things to do because people hate it when you ask for money. I was able to get a little and that went to the coach's gift and it wasn't much but I refuse to have to pay more than everyone for the coach's gift when everyone is given credit for giving and they don't. Ok, so enough soapbox... The party went okay although several of the parents thought that the food was already paid for WRONG (especially not by me, hey I'm a college student). The boys got their trophies which is part of the reason they love to play sports. They really did well with basketball and we are moving right into baseball and soccer with all three of them because Parker Reid starts this season.

On a side not Parker Reid is sick this morning. Please pray for him. He doesn't feel well at all and was up most of the night. He's complaining about his head hurting but hasn't really thrown up. He seems to have a pretty high fever this morning (although I don't know for sure because I have NO thermometer in this house that works). Right now, Sydney Katya and Landon are enjoying coloring so hopefully it will be a relaxing day.

Love to all!!

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I've been tagged

5 Random things about me

I was tagged by Nikki (thanks a lot girl)

The Rules:

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The move to Atlanta was my 5th move in 7 years of marriage.

I had never even tasted guacamole until I met the Jacksons and now it is the first food I introduce to my children (and they LOVE it).

I once took 21 hours in school the semester before I got married (CRAZY but I didn't do too bad)

I would love to be a lactation consultant (but not enough to go to school any longer).

Cleaning is one of my least favorite things to do because I feel it is a losing battle.

Ok, I tag my mom, Ma, Charis, Chesed and Summer (again, if I did it you have to too)!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl (a little late)

**Sorry the pictures are sideways. I will try to be more careful next time.

Ok, so it is Tuesday and the Super Bowl was Sunday but I had class Monday and couldn't post. We had a wonderful party consisting of all the kids my mom and dad and our next door neighbor, Mrs. Martha. The boys ran over to her house because her dog was running outside (he is an indoor dog). Mrs. Martha was watching the game so they invited her to our "party". The boys had already prepared pigs in a blanket with Ryan. He also made homeade pita chips...WONDERFUL! Then he grilled lots of chicken wings which were so yummy. Thanks Ryan for all the cooking for our PARTY. I just sat around, watched the game and enjoyed the commercials (which were for the most part not very good). The boys watched most the game then it was off to bed. Ryan and I watched the rest and were excited that Eli was able to follow his brother for a win!!! It was so neat to watch. That is the extent of our party but it was so much fun for us.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tribute to Mrs. B

The pictures in the slide show below are of my sweetheart, Sydney Katya. She is wearing a beautifully made sweater and hat!! They are made my a sweet lady who we have known for many years. Thanks so much for sharing with us your talent for making beautiful clothing. It is so special when people put so much time into a gift, thank you, Mrs. Rosalina!!

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