Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our busy day at Stone Mountain

Mom and I took the kids to Stone Mountain yesterday! We all had a fun day. The boys enjoyed playing in the GREAT BARN which has lots of soft balls that they can shoot out of guns or put in machines. They also enjoyed all the slides in the place too. We toured the plantation at Stone Mountain. They loved "touring" the antebellum houses and I was happy for the hard plastic blocking off all the valuable things. Landon only tried to get behind it one time. Yesterday there were lots of shows featuring horses that danced, goats and sheep that did tricks, a pig that pushed a baby carriage and a bird show. The boys enjoyed the ropes course too. They know all the workers and love to talk to them all the way through the course. I climbed up the rock wall with Bryce and Landon. It only started to rain towards the end of the day. It started pouring rain. We made it home: exhausted and ready for bed.

Today we are just relaxing at the house!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some of my favorites from the beach

Some of the pictures from our trip to Destin

Sydney sitting pretty in the sand and sun!!

Sydney Katya and her 3 wonderful brothers

The boys at the beach in Destin, Florida

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pictures from Aunt Katie and Uncle Luke's visit to Atlanta

Misc. Pictures from the past 4 weeks


I just finished with my Maymester course today. It was very intense but thanks to my mom, sister and Ryan I made it through. My teacher gave a progress report before the final and I had an A. I hope it stays that way!! I will know sometime soon about my final grade.

Summer, mom and I are taking the kids to Florida tomorrow to visit my grandparents. We will stay for about a week. I hope that the weather will be nice. It is overcast here today and we would love to get some rain.

Sorry that I haven't posted pictures or blogs lately but I should be back more regularly now that class is over.