Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baking Breads...my new hobby...as if I needed another one

A Russian dish that I made

Homeade breadstick with parmesan and herbs

Homeade pasta~~~~

Landon thought this was the coolest experiment ever.

Sesame breadsticks

Pita Bread

Cobblestone Cheese Bread. It has a crunchy outside
and soft on the inside.

Pumpernickel (chorni kleb)

Cobblestone cheese bread.

Pancetta and olive loaves.

The top loaf is ciabatta bread.

Perozhkee (with different fillings)

I have started baking/making bread~~ It is such a fun hobby. I love it!! I have made many different types of bread. I have made~~~~italian breads, wheat breads, rye breads, and white breads. I have made bread sticks which are sooooooo yummy. This weekend I made pita bread and this morning I made English muffins (this was so cool). Last night Landon and I even made homeade pasta - linguine and spaghetti. I have taken some pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Finishing touches on the room...

Pantry from the boys' room!

The walls are a very pale blue with white ceiling and trim!

The boys' new room

This is the pantry before walls.

This is the side view of the pantry.

The laundry room is in the back by this ladder.

The windows are ready now we just had to put the siding.

More measuring

Framing for the new windows.

Taking down the garage door (I helped with this)

Ryan and I took the garage door down and the windows

up in one day :) Thanks to the Jacksons for watching

the kids.

The new door going to the garage from the sunroom.

New Year's Eve meal

New Year's Eve meal: Chicken Kiev, potato salad, rice,
mushroom gravy, green beans and tangerines. And Ryan's
homemade bread. YUMMY!!

Random pictures from the holidays

Christmas and New Years

Christmas was uneventful this year. Ryan and I started a project the Wednesday before Christmas and that took up most of our time this Christmas. It has been fun though a lot of work. We are in the process of closing in our garage and making it into a room for the boys!! They are excited and the room is HUGE!! The kids enjoyed opening all their presents Christmas morning. After Christmas we were able to visit with Katie and Luke who came from Texas. At New Years we visited with my family except Samuel who was able to come the day before Christmas. Overall, it was a relaxing Christmas and New Years which is nice every once in a blue moon;)