Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sydney Katya is so lucky to have a wonderful Grandmommy to read to her. She loves ALL her new books. Thanks Grandmommy for reading to me.... Love, Sydney Katya

Beautiful Sunset!!

Today we had a wonderful rain. It lasted almost all afternoon. After the rain the sky is always beautiful so of course we had to take some pictures. Some of these are going to photoshop but wanted to go ahead and put these up!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the road again....

I registered the boys for school yesterday morning. Not sure who their teachers are yet but will find out on Thursday. The people at the school are very friendly though.

After registering the boys, I went home to get ready to go to Gainesville. Sydney Katya was being very ill and screaming a lot. I was about ready to leave her at the house. We were going to go by and see my friend Sarah. I figured due to Sydney Katya's mood; we would try that another day (sorry Sarah). Anyway, later on that morning I left for Gainesville. The kids and I went to visit Ryan's cousins and aunt and uncle. It was so much fun. The boys enjoyed all the new toys and things to do. They have a trampoline, 4-wheeler, horse, new puppy and cows. It was a fun-filled day. The boys haven't seen their cousins since last summer. Her boys are a little older than mine but they all play well together. We had been there about 1 hour and Parker Reid kicked a ball. It broke a Willow Creek statue but Pam had superglue nearby and fixed it. The boys and Sydney Katya fed the horse some carrots. Then they went to chase the cows. We visited with Uncle Tommy and Aunt Bev and then Pam took everyone for a ride on the 4 wheeler. Thanks boys and Pam for a wonderful time!!

We left her house and went over to Lyuba's. I was bringing some pictures to her from our trip. The boys were very excited to get to meet Misha and see Ira again:) We drove in the driveway and there were no cars so I waited a minute. Sydney Katya had gone to sleep so I really wanted her to stay asleep. About 3 minutes later, Misha drove in the driveway. It was nice to see him again. I introduced all the boys and then he carried Sydney Katya's car seat inside. She slept the rest of the afternoon which was nice. The boys had some down time watching a show for a little bit while I was showing Misha and Ira the pictures I had taken on the trip to Ukraine. Lyuba came home a little while later and we had a wonderful dinner. After dinner we watched the video of the trip to Ukraine. The boys were telling about everything because I think they have seen it 3 or 4 times. Sydney Katya started dancing when the cha cha slide came on. It was so cute. We met Lyuba's husband, Yurik. He was a lot of fun. After the video the boys wanted to swim. Their pool has a hug slide so they enjoyed this very much. Misha, Ira and I sang while the kids were swimming. I forgot how HOT Florida was though. My camera kept steaming over so some of my pictures are a little foggy. We arrived back home around 11 last night but I must say it was a very exciting day.