Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy 30th to Bryce's teacher!

Yesterday we had a surprise birthday party for Bryce's teacher. I wrote letters home to ask the parents to help buy a tree. I collected some money but one dad stepped up and got the tree and planted it. Mr. Crist who runs a lawn care business in town said, I can get the tree and plant it!! I was so thrilled. I made some cakes and pies (so we would have a variety). Another parent got balloons and one parent bought ice cream. One parent brought the plates and forks and another the drinks. Several parents came to help out too!! It was so much fun. We surprised her because I had taken her class to the playground while she ran to get her son's feeding supplies. Everything worked out perfectly. She was so surprised and loved the tree. I had each of the kids write what they love about her and then they said it to her while giving her a flower. Please pray for her and her family. This morning she received some bad news about her son's health. He is almost 2 years old. Pray for her strength in dealing with this situation and for her son's health. We love her and I am truly blessed that my children have wonderful teachers in their lives.