Monday, June 14, 2010

Sea and Snow

Right now I am in Sochi visiting Vera and her family. It is beautiful weather here. Yesterday it was a little hot. They live very near the Black Sea, mountains and waterfalls. It has been very nice to visit with her. They have taken me all around the city. I have so many beautiful pictures but because of the internet speed I can't upload them :( The picture above is me, the first day I arrived to Sochi. I am standing in the Black Sea. The water is cool but nice. There beaches are smooth stones. It is very interesting to lay on them because they are very warm. I saw snow when we went to visit the mountains. They are building for the Olympics in 2014 which will be held in this beautiful place. I am doing very well in my understanding as Vera and her family speak NO English. They are very patient with me and I have tried hard to understand and to speak too!! It is nice to be submersed in the language. I will write more later. Tomorrow I leave for Ukraine and Sumy :) I will miss it here but I am excited to see some more of my friends too.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Anniversary....

Happy Anniversary, Ryan. I love you so much!!! It has been a wonderful 11 years today. I miss you and have enjoyed these years together. LOVE YOU!!!!