Monday, March 16, 2009

Bryce=Soccer Game

Bryce's soccer game was wonderful on Saturday despite the unusually cold weather. He did a good job and these are some of my favorites from the day.
Sydney Katya loves this shirt. She points her finger at each word and says, "I luv my toccer mom" It is too cute!!

Cookin' up the CRCT

Bryce's teacher always has cool ideas to make learning fun. She is doing cookin' up the CRCT to help them prepare for their standardized test. She lets them wear their chef hats while answering practice questions for the CRCT (and they have a little snack too). I made her an apron for the first cookin it up day!! She enjoyed taking pictures with Bryce too!!

Landon's parapro is such a sweet person. I made her this apron just in time for St. Patrick's Day (actually that wasn't what I had in mind but it works for that too)!

It's almost spring so I'm wearing white shoes...

This is the dress I made for me!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Devil's Millhopper and a visit with cousins

I forgot to blog about last weekend so hear are the pictures. We went to the Devil's Millhopper which is a giant sink hole. The next part of that trip was to visit with our cousins on their farm. I am going to post pictures of my dress and the soccer game tomorrow...

Mi vida loca (my crazy life)!

Bryce had his first soccer game on Saturday. He had an excellent game and scored LOTS of goals! His team won and I can't remember the score but it was by a lot. I think the other team scored maybe 2. Oh well, I guess someone has to win :) Landon had a birthday party after the soccer game. It was at the bowling alley and he enjoyed the party. After we returned home, I took Bryce to Wild Adventures. It was opening day for the park and he had a good time. Later that evening we went to a Keith Urban concert. It was Bryce's first "real" concert so he had a BLAST. The music was wonderful and it was a beautiful evening to sit out under the stars with my little boy. He was exhausted and by the time we got home he was sound asleep! This morning I woke up and finished making a dress for me (had to put the zipper and finish the hem). It turned out good although next time I need to make it a little smaller but I am always afraid of it being too small because then the dress is RUINED. If it is too big you can still wear it and just try to make it smaller. It is beautiful here because the azalea's are blooming and lots of other trees and flowers. Well, I think we are going to work in the garden. I will post pictures of the day later.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Recent Sewing Projects

I have been busy sewing. These are a few things that I have finished lately! Landon's long awaited pajama top which matches his bottoms. I made this pink and green one for Sydney Katya and just love the green contrasting with the circles on the pink. Landon has been asking me to make his teacher something since I started sewing. I finished this apron the other day. She was so excited about it and you see he is too!! The eyelet and turquoise dress was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sure how it was going to look but it fits her really well. The other day I went to
Wal-mart to get the turquoise to use as a lining for that flowery dress. I told the lady how much and she didn't hear me right and gave me 3 yards!! I didn't realize until I got home. I thought what in the world will I do with ALL this extra turquoise. I saw this pattern and thought it would be perfect!! The last one, the halter is Sydney Katya's, Summer dress. My sister LOVES halters!! This is a tribute to her although the ruffles and the pink wouldn't be Summer's favorite. I am working on lots more so I will post one day.