Monday, April 28, 2008


Finished!! I am finished with my last undergraduate college class!! Yeah! Tonight was my last class so I just listened to everyone else do their presentations. I was able to do mine last week. I just sat there in class and labeled my pictures. I have tons of pictures (I know you are surprised) that I need to label and put in albums. I was able to finish almost all of them in the 2 hours of classtime. I was multi-tasking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so relieved and happy to have completed all of my classes.

On another note, to share a little glory. I talked to Samuel tonight and he found out he made an A in Statstics. This was the only class he was a little unsure about this semester. He made an A!!! Yeah for you, Samuel. He has one more paper/project tomorrow and he will be done too. He has made ALL "A's" except for 1 "B" in four years of college. I would say that is pretty OUTSTANDING!!

I am happy to note that I will graduate one hour before Samuel (or at least mine starts an hour earlier).

Thank you everyone for you support and encouraging words. Keep the comments coming!!!!!!

pre-graduation dress rehearsal

This is the drama I have had this morning! This morning she woke too early and has been so cranky!! Thought I would share....

Take notice of Parker Reid's pout too!

Landon wanted to

take some pictures with me.

He is so excited about my graduation.

He keeps asking how many more days.
Isn't he a cutie??

This weekend

Hello, everyone we have had a very busy weekend. Friday night we had a game. Saturday we had three games. Ryan and Sydney Katya were sick most of the weekend. They are both a little better today. Although Sydney Katya is very grouchy this morning so I hope her attitude improves later in the day. Saturday morning we had batting practice at 8:00 AM for Landon and then we came home about 4:00 from Bryce's game (due to an hour rain delay). Needless to say, it was an exhausting day.

Mom and Daddy got me photoshop a photo editing software. I love it because I can tint pictures and do lots of other editing such as adding people in pictures. It is so much fun. You will see lots more of my playing with pictures displayed on my blog.

Sick little girl, Friday night

Landon's game on Saturday morning.

Parker Reid's game

I need to work on these pictures with the photoshop so stay tuned...

This was so funny so I had to share.

She had the little people on her fingers while she was eating breakfast.

At the pond at Summer's

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Promised Pictures

Having fun with the kids!!! MY BOYS!!

We watch the geese.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

At Summer's house

While we were at Summer's tennis match, we walked over to the pond to let Maddux exercise. It was so beautiful. So I took some pictures of my children ....Surprise...

More to come later...........................

Friday, April 25, 2008

Picking up the tennis balls

Tennis Match (part 1)

Summer with Landon.

Bryce watched the game with intensity!

Some of my favorite shots of the TENNIS CHAMPION!!

Ready for the next
This is where she
kept the ball for the match!!

Ryan went to take Maddux home. We are crowded in the van with car seats. He said Maddux get in. Maddux looked like, "Where??" He climbed up in Parker Reid's seat. I thought this was so funny.

Tennis match and some other events (read with caution)

Unfortunately, the kids sickness is back... Yesterday afternoon we decided to drive over to Summer's house to watch a tennis match. As soon as Bryce returned home from school, we left. This was about 3:00. Ok, so we got on the interstate (after some gas and a trip to Sonic) at about 3:30. We didn't arrive at Summer's until 5:10. Traffic!!!! It was horrible. I would hate driving in that mess everyday. The kids were good on the way over. We stopped at one of Josh and Summer's favorite restaurant on the way over. After dinner, we headed over the the courts. There is a fence near the tennis courts and lots of balls get hit over this fence. Ryan climbed the fence and started throwing balls over to the courts for the kids. They had so much fun. The tennis balls were coming from everywhere. We gathered a few bags of them. The kids were so entertained. After this we headed to the park area across the street. We were able to see the geese (even some babies too). We took Maddux for a walk around the pond and saw a snake on our way around. How exciting!! It was huge but I couldn't get a clear picture (didn't want to get too close). We arrived back up at the tennis courts to watch the match. The kids enjoyed playing on the playground. They made LOTS of noise so as to distract Summer's competition. Summer is a pro at tuning their noise out (as we all are). She played very well (although I know nothing about tennis). I cheered when it looked like she did good or when Josh cheered!! The kids watched occasionally but mainly played. The kids had to take many trips to the bathroom, with bathroom issues. About 10 minutes before the game ended, Sydney Katya was sitting in my lap. I thought she was getting tired. Wrong!! She was sick. She puked all over my shoe, leg and down the front of her dress. We headed to the bathroom again to wash off all this. It was so gross due to the blue gummies (thanks Summer) and the grapes she had at lunch. Cleaned her up and headed back to watch the rest of the tennis match. It lasted 2 hours. That was a long time with a sick child. Sydney Katya did it again but this time I was ready and we didn't get it on anything (except the ground). On the way home, we had prepared with a towel and some bags. We were about halfway and Parker Reid made a gurgling sound. Ryan turned around just in time to catch it in a bag. We were riding some more. Sydney Katya was asleep then she started AGAIN. He wasn't so lucky with that catch. We made it home, gave a bath and time for bed. No, events overnight but not sure what the morning will bring. Sorry this was such a gross post. It was really pretty amusing. It never fails that one of the kids gets sick at Summer and Josh's. We loved watching Summer's match and congratulate her on a win!!! You played so hard and we are proud of you.

*I will post pictures in a little bit.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The park (part 2)

Landon loved the yellow irises at the park!!

There was a neat little bridge.

This is a cool little stump shaped like a chair.

Sydney Katya and brothers

Watching the turtles!