Tuesday, October 13, 2009

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.....

My brother, Samuel has invited us to go to Disney World compliments of him. YEAH!!! The kids are sooooooooooo pumped. He told them today now we only have a few days of "when are we going to Disney World, mommy??" We are excited though. They can't remember ever going because Landon and Parker Reid were very young when we went last time. My mom and dad have NEVER been either so this will be so neat. Pass on any advise for those of you who have recently visited Disney. Thanks so much. Pictures and stories to come soon.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Picture updates

A chrysallis! They are this beautiful color.

Me with my boys!

We also went to Destin for Judah and Kim's wedding!

The caterpillars

An update....

I have been putting off blogging because things are soooooooo busy. Since I last wrote, I had a friend visit from Ukraine. She was here for 1 whole day and part of 2 other days. In those days, we drove to Gainesville then back. Then we went to Jacksonville so she could see the ocean for the first time and then back to a party at a friends. She left the next morning at 5 am but we stayed up till about 1 am the night before she left. It was so hard to get up to take the kids to school the next morning;) It was so wonderful to see her though. The kids have all started their ball practices too! We have no less than 3 nights of practices a week and then a game every Saturday (and 3 haven't even started games yet). The kids are enjoying it though. We also celebrated Landon's 7th birthday at the park. It was so much fun and he had lots of friends at his party. Ryan made his icecream cake which was BEAUTIFUL! We are blessed with so many friends. We have had bridal showers and birthday parties too over this past month. I am also taking care of catepillars at the boy's school. It has been so much fun. I feel like a midwife going in to check on them every morning. We have had several successful births and LOTS of chrysallis are still getting ready. They are so interesting and unique. I think last weekend I had 15 caterpillars eating on the milkweek. It was fun though! I have been trying to sew Sydney Katya's winter waredrobe and hope to finish sometime. We also had cooking hour at the house for my Russian class again. Needless to say things are very busy but fun. Sorry for lack of blogging and lack of pictures... Love to all!