Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meeting with the governor of our GREAT STATE!!

Bryce's teacher wrote a grant about the state of Georgia and some other things they are learning about and she was awarded the grant money. So they are headed to the state capitol today and the aquarium. They left at exactly 6:15 this morning! I know he will have a wonderful day. He is so blessed to have a teacher who loves what she does!! She is AWESOME and Bryce has learned so much this year. I know that he will learn a lot while on this trip. He also gets to meet with the governor today at 3:00. I can't wait to hear all about the trip.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More outfits, mainly dresses

So I decided that I would make myself a dress to match Sydney Katya's, that was a BAD decision and I don't think I will ever make one for me again. I liked the dress but it was an ordeal to make. I actually have made two dresses but only am showing one for now. This one I made the first time and it would even close in the back by about 3 or 4 inches. I had to tear it apart and salvage what I could such as only the straps and buy new material and a new pattern and start over. It matches and looks okay but it would take too much patience to sew for myself :)

As for the other dresses shown in this blog, the orange one and the blue one are a little big still so she will have to wear them in other years. I was able to learn how to handmake flowers for the orange dress. The blue one Ryan says looks like a dress my more wore to a GCS function. The red one is now finished, in this picture the sleeves weren't quite finished but I wanted to make sure it fit!! The blue crepe or perwinkle one was very time consuming because of the layers, not sure I like the material I chose for that one. Parker Reid's pajama shirt was made because the first one I made for him wouldn't fit over his head. This one has a snap!! Ryan calls him nurse Parker when he wears it. The smallest outfits I made for my friend who has twins, a boy and girl. She will send me a picture with them wearing them when they grow into them.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sugar and spice and everything nice...

I decided to make a bonnet the other day. It was so cute that I made a dress to match it!! I thought it would look perfect with a monogram and I decided to have the gator dress monogrammed too!! I finished the bolero for the purple dress. It is so cute and a nice touch to the dress. My project yesterday and today has been this rose dress. I found a pattern that I thought was adorable. The picture on the front of the pattern was so cute. I decided it is more like a pageant dress or maybe an Easter one (although she won't fit in her carseat with it on). It has four and a half yards of net ruffle underneath. Yes, it is supposed to be showing at the bottom of the dress. They have one that is not supposed to be showing too so I will try it out. As for the strings hanging off still haven't quite finished the hemming and trimming of strings. The ribbon I had just bought so it was still attached to the spool!! Sorry about her face too, she had just had a orange sherbert float!!