Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring is coming or maybe it is here ;)

I guess the lack of blogging could explain that we have been really busy over the past 3 or 4 months since I last blogged. Not exactly sure that we have been doing anything profound or exciting but time flies by sometimes :) We had Christmas at our house and all of the family was able to come so that was nice for me because then we didn't have to go anywhere. The kids got lots of things although they don't really need anything new. We had a really cold month or two so we spent a lot of time indoors. I am so glad that it is finally warming because I love being outside. I love working in the DIRT!!! Hopefully soon I will have lots of flowers and veggies. We also have baby chicks who are now a month old. They were my Valentine's gift from Ryan. We had 5 deaths and gave 5 chickens to a friend and are still left with 19 chicken (plus our other 9 hens). Ryan built me a new greenhouse and chicken coup!! They are both beautiful and I am enjoying them very much. I have tons of seeds already started even purple okra. I have strawberries that will be ripening very soon. I have arugula that is so yummy and tons of herbs too!! The cabbage and greens did very well at the school this winter and I have a friend who has been sharing his veggies with us too. I am so ready for the tomatoes to start growing...we are trying some heirloom tomato seeds this year. We have 4 raised beds in the front yard which look beautiful and will soon be full of plants. The kids are enjoying planting their seeds too. We are enjoying the longer daylight hours. We stay out as long as possible. Sorry if you check this all the time and there are no updates...I have been subbing quite a bit and the gardening, chickens and kids keep me very busy. Love to all :)


Leah Michelle said...

Hey Sara!!!! I love hearing from you even if it is via blog. :-) That's awesome about all the flowers, veggies, fruit, etc...and the especially the raised flower beds. I wish I had some! Anyway, I miss you guys very much and hope to see you very soon.